Moulage sous pression, coulée sous haute et basse pression, manipulation et usinage des pièces brutes sont les principales applications réalisées par SIR dans le domaine de la fonderie. Que ce soit pour opérer sur des pièces en fonte ou en acier ou qu’il s’agisse de pièces en aluminium, le bon dimensionnement de solution revêt une importance essentielle, tout comme l’intégration pensée dans les moindres détails de composants de haute qualité en mesure de fonctionner dans les environnements exposant aux plus fortes sollicitations, avec effecteurs terminaux assurant la manipulation de pièces souvent de très grandes dimensions.
Découpe, ébavurage, finition de pièces moulées en fonte

Unités d’usinage modulaires et systèmes avancés de programmation pour former les pièces : l’usinage des coulées de fonte est une réalité.
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This page describes the procedures for management of the personal data of the users who visit the site. It constitutes a disclaimer pursuant to art. 13 of Italian Data Protection Law (Legislative Decree no. 196/2003), issued to all those who interact with the SIR S.p.A. website, accessible by computerised communications through the address:
The disclaimer is provided solely for the SIR S.p.A. site and not for any other sites the user may visit by means of links.
The information is also based on Recommendation no. 2/2001, adopted by the European data protection authorities, meeting in the Group established by art. 29 of Directive 95/46/EC, on 17/05/2001 to set minimum requirements for the on-line acquisition of personal data, and especially procedures, times, and the information the data controllers are required to provide to users when they access web pages, regardless of their reason for doing so.

Visiting this site may lead to use of the personal data of identifiable or unidentifiable subjects. The data controller is SIR S.p.A., with registered office in Italy - 41122 Modena – Strada Nazionale del Canaletto Centro, 450.

Data related to use of the site or voluntarily supplied by users, and use of the same in relation to the services delivered, are located at the company’s registered office. Data supplied by users are used by the Data Trustee and the appointed users in full compliance with Italian Data Protection Law.

The purposes for which personal data are acquired: only the personal data necessary for the purposes for which the said data are freely submitted by the user are acquired.

During their normal operation, the IT systems and software components which operate this website acquire some data already present during the use of Internet communications protocols. These data are not gathered and recorded or association with identified subjects, but by their very nature, when processed in specific ways or associated with data held by third parties, they might allow users to be identified. These data, such as the IP addresses or domain names used by users when they access the site, are utilised for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information concerning use of the site and monitoring its correct operation.

This site uses ordinary cookies to mark a user’s identity. The cookies’ lifetime is limited to the duration of the navigation session; i.e., once the Browser (Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) is shut down, the cookie dies. In some cases, cookies with a maximum lifetime of 2 years are created; specifically, these are recorded if you have accessed our site by means of the Google search engine, for the specific purpose of measuring the effect of Search Engine advertising campaigns. The cookies on this site do not constitute a data security threat for the computer/browser of a user who consents to them. Some pages on this website undergo statistical analysis by means of specific tags used by the Google Analytics service.

Visiting this site may lead to use of data which allow the identification of the data subjects concerned. The voluntary, intentional submission of data through the compilation of the form which appears as a pop-up in some sections of the site and as a permanent feature in the CONTACTS section leads to acquisition of the user’s email address and other information including: Name, Family Name, Organisation or Company, email address, telephone number and user’s enquiry addressed to SIR.
The optional, explicit, voluntary dispatch of electronic mail to the addresses provided on this site also leads to the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary in order to reply to the enquiry, and any other personal data included in the message.

Personal data are used by automated means for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were acquired. Specific security measures are implemented to prevent the lost of data, illegal or improper use, or unauthorised access, and everything relating to the use of data with these tools in general.

The personal data supplied by users who submit requests for information, comments, complaints and informative material are used solely for the purpose of replying to the request received and are only communicated to third parties if strictly necessary for the aforesaid purpose or for the fulfilment of legal obligations. Apart from these cases, data will not be disclosed or distributed to anyone without the user’s specific consent.

On its website, SIR S.p.A. may provide links to third-party sites. Since SIR S.p.A. does not control these websites, it advises users to view their privacy disclaimers. Any such external sites, links to which may be present on our website, are beyond SIR S.p.A.’s responsibility.

The subjects to whom personal data refer are entitled, at any time, to obtain confirmation as to whether or not these data exist and to be informed of their contents and origin, check their accuracy or request their supplementation, updating or correction (art. 7 of Decree Law n. 196/2003). Pursuant to the same article of law, data subjects are entitled to request the deletion, conversion into anonymous form or freezing of data held in breach of the law, and to refuse to allow their use, on legitimate grounds.
All requests as above must be addressed to:

SIR S.p.A.
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